SAY PLASTIC AND PROFILE SYSTEMS started in 1999, the production activities, the same year it registered its SAY brand, so ceramic PVC and aluminum profiles manufacturing, insulation and furniture profile systems, has begun providing the market with its own brand. Bayrampaşa 3000m2 covered area of Istanbul 1000m2 began its activities in production facilities with outdoor areas. Knowledgeable and experienced R & D in the 14.yıl in manufacturing activity, a is the industry's most well-established production and marketing teams are constantly growing in order to maintain its competitive advantage and grow. Who pioneered many innovations in the field SAY PLASTIC PROFILE SYSTEMS by the year 2012 in the product group serves nearly 200 customers with more than 400 varieties of products. Ceramic profile in the industry, insulation profiles, furniture profiles and the quality of its products as well as of a wide range of profiles and joints plus with dowel types of customers that offer quality and customer as the most fundamental right SAY PLASTIC PROFILE SYSTEMS with the ISO 9001 certified quality system and production and management system It holds guaranteed. The industry's most popular products to see their every effort to customer-oriented realization sine qua non of the business life SAY PLASTIC PROFILE SYSTEMS marketing and the industry through approaches and customer understanding has developed in customer service has been one of the popular organizations. SAY successfully representing abroad the name of our country PLASTIC PROFILE SYSTEMS his experience in the country, our quality approach and soon caught a huge boost and dozens of country names with the export mainly in neighboring countries in export activities with all the accumulation of customer-focused marketing process, the country has moved beyond borders .

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